Monday, October 18, 2010

Environmental regeneration of computer donations to needy students

Yesterday, Haidian District, the first electronic environmental industrial base built in the WF region, the base to promote environmental protection and recycling of electronic economy, the production of recycled computers will be donated to students in poor areas, the public can visit the e-waste recycling free of charge process.

According to reports, the base of a project to use an area of 1,000 square meters, mainly used for recycling all kinds of electronic products. Technical workers will be recycled to the computer, through the demolition area, on-line, assembly, performance, inspection, security and baking machine, regenerated computers, most of the students donated to the poor areas.

Base and the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is also co-established a board with independent intellectual property broken production line, for those who can not recycle the electronic products are classified and crushing to produce the metal particles can be directly used for smelting, while the non-metal type all kinds of filler particles is the best choice. Base of the person in charge said, "Do not underestimate these big, stupid crusher, they work up an hour to break several tons of scrap materials, if a computer's motherboard to a pound or so, then this production line 1 hours will be labeled more than 3,000 computers the size of the meat sauce rice is not a problem. "

Currently, the environmental protection industry base in electronics, mainly through door recycling collection units out of the way down the e-waste, and the public in the hands of scrap computers, televisions, printers and other electronic waste still Zhongguancun electronic unified green pavilion recovery.

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