Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Managed and leased operators should pay attention to the problems and suggestions

Rent server hosting server and open up business, mainly on the specific details of the hardware and software to meet customer requirements. At present, the domestic rental server managed server and the situation is probably as follows:

Server hosting server and hire a number of problems

1. Customers to their problems

Client to server hosting to IDC, the management server is basically managed remotely by software, can be understood, the server hardware hosting service provider to the IDC, IDC need to provide network resources, power, security and other basic services; the server operating systems, application software services part of the stability and security in all of them in the hands of customers, IDC service providers with no direct relationship. Therefore, the server in the IDC problem, largely because the customer's own operational errors caused by the accident.

2.IDC service provider's network fails

Various IDC network services still exist some problems, and backbone operators link line does not have enough redundancy, if compared with other major Internet service provider ChinaNet connection line fails, then the whole network all the possible disruption To enhance the anti-risk ability, must be connected to multiple backbone carriers, even if a certain line problems, through other networks to provide services can also be normal.

If the IDC service provider's network problems, or network interruption, and the server itself has no direct relation, when the circuit returned to normal after return to normal access.

3. Application system can not function properly

Client to server hosting to IDC, will run multiple applications on the server services such as WWW service, Mail service, Ftp service, etc., but also dynamic data like a database query service. The type of service provided more impact on the server of the greater, if the server access is too big, the greater the chance problems, so best to allocate resources efficiently, avoid take as much of a server traffic. If a service does not start, you can remotely restart the service; occur if the server crashes, it immediately so that IDC service providers on duty restart the server to release resources to achieve the purpose, after a reboot or related treatment you can quickly return to normal.

4. Technical capacity, misuse or non-standard operation

Client server, poor management, if the technical staff of the technological strength is not good enough, you may be wrong on the server operation or operation is not standardized, resulting in the server can not access.

5. Safe, hacker intrusion

Server has been penetrated by hackers or malicious attack, or sudden large server traffic, it will adversely impact the server, or even a vicious incident.

6. Server aspects of the fault

Server, problems may arise where, mainly memory, hard drive, applications and so on. Designed to be unreasonable if the IDC may be bad because of heat, there CPU downtime due to excessive heat; if memory compatibility is not good, it will affect the server performance degradation, such as dust, static electricity, air circulation, wind problem affect the normal operation of the server.

Rent server hosting server and the problem solution

1. Learn more about servers, providers, etc.

Managed services customers need before, will consult various aspects, including understanding the background of service, price, service quality, server performance and other information and data, sources of information through newspaper advertisements, Internet, friends and co-operation partners. Enterprises in the purchase of a server as far as possible to understand the server's expert advice before buying in determining what to pay attention to understand clearly, and then decide what to buy the brand and performance of the server.

2. Outsourced to professional service organizations

If there is demand for business, I can allow professional service providers to be responsible for procurement, outsourcing to a unified company, responsible for the procurement of hardware, software purchase and installation, system development and debugging, custody and maintenance of a range of services, this can be as much as possible to avoid the purchase is not suitable for their own servers and related products and services losses. Server in the purchase process needs to consider many factors, but the most important application is based on business requirements to select their own server configuration standards, not everything needs the best, most expensive products. To meet their own needs, but also a lower investment and ensure that the server normally, and stable operation, is the best server.

3. Server vendors to provide solutions

Server manufacturers have a variety of solutions, there are variety of server is completely designed for users of products IDC, the original structure and configuration of the server some adjustments would be more suitable for current users. IDC user applications include WWW, Mail, Ftp, and database query services. Server vendors to provide better products, the part of the application software pre-installed on the server, to provide customers with a package of solutions, so companies can expand server sales, but also to solve the practical difficulties encountered by customers.

4. By providing a platform for IDC services, server and other resources available to the client companies

IDC business from the current development trend, the server hosting the proportion declined steadily, and this contrast is the proportion of rented servers to grow rapidly. Basically, the current IDC service providers have launched a server rental business and the price is very cheap, the customer does not require any hardware and software investment, just a one-time capital investment that can enjoy high-speed broadband access, software and server rental, value-added services, applications, rental and other services. IDC service providers are already aware of the current development trends, to hardware manufacturers, software vendors, application service providers together to provide customers with a comprehensive service platform. Enterprises to choose a server problem needs only themselves, by the IDC service providers by adjusting the data to meet customer demand, this service model has been in ChinaNetCenter good practical application.

Server hosting server and rental recommendations

1. In choosing a server, the first consideration should be required for the application of managed services, service needs and then determine the configuration of hardware and software

Previously managed enterprises in the preparation, always decide before you buy a high-end server, and then hope to lease much of bandwidth to host their own servers, rather than the actual demand from their own servers and IDC to select service providers, but in such a way waste of resources were added to the user's capital investment.

Enterprises in the construction site or in e-commerce, they may not need expensive high-end or server, do not necessarily need to hire a lot of bandwidth in the IDC. Can according to their actual application needs to decide to purchase their own corporate brand and configuration of standard servers, if you do free e-mail service, then the memory must be bigger, you can use multiple hard drives or disk arrays, network storage devices and even ; If you have a database inquiry services, then the memory must be bigger; 濡傛灉 exceedingly large amount of site visits, we need to adopt load equalization; if the data volume of large, then the data backup and unexpected accident data Huifu technology must be strong. In general, companies have chosen to server, must proceed from their own application needs to select the brand and the server's configuration, there is no need to choose the best and most expensive, to meet their needs is the best.

2. High profile does not equal high performance, stability and scalability of the most important

Various components of the server is an organic whole, linked to each other and interact. In the Select the server must take into account the compatibility of the various parts to achieve the configuration can play the best performance. Server is the most important indicators of stability, in particular, is running the server within the IDC, it must be 24 脳 7 脳 365 of the working time, so the server's stable they are demanding a, must also ensure their stability, security, normal work. Guest host server, along with changes in customer traffic and service, the server needs to continue to increase or decrease the related hardware and software to achieve continuously improving service levels and service capabilities, so the server must be a strong scalability, provide customers with scalable space.

3. General server to a dedicated server development, ease of use and specificity is clear

With the development of the Internet, the customer demand on the server are also constantly improving and changing. Therefore, the current general-purpose servers will gradually shift to the professional server, e-mail, for example, e-mail service just before the service at any one upload the last set of e-mail software that can provide email services, whether it's stable performance how, or whether it handles mail capabilities, can be used as long as you can. But that is far less so easy on the e-mail service and on the Web services are different, stability, and server response time is very important. Therefore, the need for a dedicated server to provide services. Mail server future trends should be easy to use and dedicated, server selection and allocation should be relatively simple, does not require a high technical threshold, and the special significance of the development trend is very clear what kind of service What would be the characteristics of the different characteristics of different products need to meet his request.

4. Hardware and software, network resource sharing is the development trend

An important feature of IDC users is that the resources of the Ke shared, the characteristics of the IDC in the current also can hardly be Tixian Yong Hu, Ke Hu for Kaolv own data in different and information security, Buke Neng's customers share with other hardware and software resources . But the future development trend, different customers may share the IDC to provide network storage, value-added services, application services and other types of resources. Server to share some of the equipment can achieve resource optimization and cost reduction, improve resource utilization.

5. Software and hardware are highly complementary, comprehensive consideration of selection criteria

In choosing a server from the software and hardware should be considered in two aspects. If you want to run a large number of applications require large memory; If you need to load a large number of visits, the need to consider a larger memory. Hardware and software with a good server to play the good performance of the server hardware upgrading can only pursue, if not the software, services can not guarantee the ultimate high-performance and stability. Therefore, the choice of server should be taken into account in two ways, a comprehensive index to select the server.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Psychosomatic syndrome after holiday revelry

After the holiday, some people do not think go to work, and low efficiency; Some mental and physical exhaustion, feelings of irritability, depression, heart; Some gastrointestinal discomfort; some people sleep ... ...

If you have the performance, be careful, "post-holiday syndrome" has been quietly looking at you ... ...

Holiday for many busy people, it is a rare opportunity to relax: to bring home or travel, or shopping spree, or Juyou drink, or Mengtoutaishui ... ... holiday, after crossing over from trouble like static, from idle to busy from static to trouble, not many people unable to adapt, suffering from a variety of illnesses. Many experts pointed out that the so-called "post-holiday syndrome" is not a disease but people in the holiday, the body and mind to adapt when under pressure again after the emergence of psychological symptoms:

Some people also immersed in the holiday joy, yearning for fun and not to go to work, resulting in inefficiency, incompetence; some people are not happy and feel myself mentally and physically exhausted, feeling anxious, depressed heart, have no appetite for food and drinks. Meng mahjong during some festivals will, through the night, worked very hard to leave after the end of the suffering from insomnia.

Experts believe that the so-called "post-holiday syndrome" in medicine is not a rigorous formulation. People living arrangements during the holiday unscientific, inappropriate pace of life, resulting in extended Christmas physical decline and emotional stress after, then there fatigue, anxiety and other symptoms, is often said the "post-holiday syndrome." Most people adjust after a week of conscious, you can return to normal without medical treatment.

* Chinese New Year holiday sequel discounted to read his body

But some people have serious post-holiday emotional responses, such as: excessive anxiety or depression, insomnia, fear, etc. to work. These people are often sensitive and paranoid personality, fatigue, stimulating experience will lead to some personality factors are stimulated and exposed, self-adjustment ability worse, a long time (1-2 weeks, or even a month) can not be self-recovery, significant effect on the physical and mental health, affecting normal life, you should see a doctor for psychological treatment, sometimes requiring appropriate medication. If medical treatment is not timely, but also lead to anxiety disorder neurosis consequences.

Of course, the really got "post-holiday syndrome", it need not panic, the doctor prescribed the prescription of self-treatment is:

First of all, to overcome the laziness and fear as soon as possible to their psychological state to active. Quietly comb should be done after work, try to busy working in good order, and will not confused and running around in circles. Lack of some social, introverted, loneliness people prone to the psychological, if a similar situation, should try to adjust their mentality and communicating with people, or talk to family and friends mind, or find a psychiatrist untie knot.

Secondly, we should try to expand their social scope, and more with people, so that their lives fuller and enhance their ability to adapt to society. In addition, spare time, you can invite friends and colleagues or play gym, or go to the countryside to enjoy the natural scenery, relax and adjust their mood.

* Learn from sweating during physical condition for your holiday job preservation

Thirdly, to resume their normal routines as soon as possible time is extremely important. Should keep early hours, do not stay up late, sleep late and do not greedy, attention to diet, eat light, easily digestible food, drinking less alcohol.

If self-regulation ineffective, on the hospital to seek medical help.

Shanghai Second Medical University psychology experts, the so-called "post-holiday syndrome" is not a mental illness, but people go to work after the long break, the physical and psychological pressure which occurred after the bad state of mind.

Occur in this state, the expert analysis of the reasons why there are three: First, from the trouble like static. We are joyfully in the holiday visiting friends and relatives, mutual visits, very lively. After a post-holiday, this noisy and bustling atmosphere of the scene are in the past, all of a sudden return to a calm environment. Second, from idle to the ground. Although the festive, almost every family had people coming and going, busy, but life is very casual content. Festival on the immediate work to put fast-paced learning, effort and pressure to start again. Third, from static to trouble. Original psychological well-balanced, but the Azeri visitors to the festival, frequent exchanges of information are many. Look at other people's lives, Bibi own life, look at his family's daughter, about my son, a large gap between the imagined, grew more and more tired, mental state of imbalance. "However, this is just a bad mental state, rather than mental illness."

"Post-holiday syndrome" Although not a disease, but certainly affects the work and study, for which psychological experts give a few suggestions:

First, an appropriate amount of rest. Celebrate the festival very tired, so the end of the holiday back to work and study part-time status requires more attention to the rest, to compensate for the accumulation of fatigue and recovery holiday.

Second, progressive agenda plan. When the return to daily work and learning, we should pay attention in the schedule to have a progressive process. Do not suddenly to have a full schedule, and do not put too much in the holiday immediately after the heavy, challenging projects.

Third, comparisons gradient relaxation. Comparisons can be continuous efforts and gaps in the motivation, but also pay attention to their enthusiasm, and composition of the negative effects of low self-esteem. In short, use a peace of mind to overcome the bad state of mind.

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