Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Chinese version of Firefox mode conversion work great transfiguration Entertainment

Firefox browser (Firefox) has been the "security" and "fast" and so known, but its real appeal is that Firefox has a wealth of "add-ons" (Add-ons). More than 5,000 add-ons to an internal strength as a powerful martial arts master re-equipped with a 18-like weapons, greatly enhanced the use and function of Firefox, you can allow different users to personalize their own taste to configure their own fire Fox browser! However, if people share a computer, or the same person at home and at work on the browser's configuration requirements are different how do? Chinese version of Firefox (Firefox China Edition) built-in "Switch User Configuration" feature Let your Firefox cloned a technique, a key switch!

Figure 1, the Chinese version of Firefox built-in "Switch User Configuration" feature

Here we look at how this little fox is his magic, in your browser to achieve "cloned technique"?

Firefox cloned using a technique

Click the left side of the Firefox browser, "Firefox Shortcut", select "Switch User Configuration" -> "Manage User Configuration" -> "Create Profile", click "Next" in the "Please enter a new profile name "Enter you want to set the mode, such as" work "; then, click on the" end ", it easy to complete" work "mode settings. After, you can "work" mode to add additional components associated with the work.

Figure 2 in the Chinese version of the Firefox user profile settings

Similarly, you can set according to the method just "family" model, and in the "family" mode, choose your favorite Firefox add ons. Here, the author to recommend a called "Suricate" Firefox add-ons, it is intended to prevent minors access to adult sites, is a very good parental control tools, there are already more than 30,000 downloads, It is said than some of the "Youth Escort" software should be easy to use yo!

If you are for your Firefox browser settings the "entertainment" mode, you must not forget that in the "entertainment" mode, install the following Firefox add-ons:

Security Control, to help pay for your Firefox compatible Po, easy online shopping!

Cooliris, you can make your page show full-screen 3D browsing effect, more than 1,500 people have become super-fan of it!

Gladder, can automatically determine whether you need online agency, usually by people to install it because it can be very convenient access to Wikipedia.

eQuake Alert, regardless of where the earthquake around the world, your Firefox will tremble! since the "5.12" after the writer I have been concerned about the news of the earthquake.

Firefox add-ons to add more, you can visit: https: / / / zh-CN / firefox /, Firefox add-ons website according to the "Language Tools", "photos music and videos" , "news blog" and other categories, guide you configure your Firefox browser.

In addition, through Firefox Chinese version of the "User Configuration", you can set on the same computer with different user name to facilitate the sharing of more than one computer.

A user mode key switch

Configured user mode, you directly in the "Firefox shortcut" select "Switch User Configuration", select the settings you have a good configuration (such as "Entertainment"), click on "Use Configuration", you can switch the mode use your Firefox browser, a!

You can also click on the "Firefox Shortcut" -> "Switch User Configuration" -> "Manage User Profiles" in the "manage user configuration" in the "Create", "Rename" or "delete" configuration file.

Introduced so much, we still come to experience it yourself! In the Chinese version of Firefox "mode switch" technique found in cloned have fun, make your Firefox work, play correct, easy one-click reopens after facelift!

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